Human Factor

Never underestimate your employees in the fight againts IT criminals. Your employees are your human firewall.

How do your employees contribute to a good cyber hygiene?

The human Factor covers the human part of cyber security. Employees can be a strength for the organisation since cyber-trained employees are alert to their behavior and thus help secure the organisation against the threat from cyber criminals.

Cybercriminals often gain access to the organization by exploiting employees. Employees are enticed to download a file or click on a link. Sometimes cybercrime happens when cybercriminals pretend to be someone they are not.

Employees are generally involved one way or the other, and therefore it makes sense to train employees to have good cyber hygiene.

Build a cyber security culture that supports your desired level of security by training your employees with Cyber Awareness Training and Phishing Awareness Tests. Start building your human firewall today.

Train your employees

BlackstoneOne offers two specific solutions to train employees in human factor cyber security. Both solutions are package deals and thus easily applicable.

  • Cyber Awareness Training – access to an educational and humorous awareness platform. Read more here.
  • Phishing Awareness Test – phishing e-mails are sent to employees following reporting. Read more here.

Your human firewall

The employees of the organisation are its human firewall. Human firewall means that training employees help secure the company from cyber criminals.

Educate and challenge employees to understand the importance of cyber security and make them feel responsible for the cyber security within the organisation. Let them know they are an essential part of the organisations cyber defense.

Cyber Awareness Training and Phishing Awareness Test are package deals and, thus, easily applicable. They will help the employees to have a better understanding of cyber security. The cyber security of the organisation improves significantly by training employees.

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