External Vulnerability Scanning

What is external vulnerability scanning?

External vulnerability scanning is directed towards the company’s external/internet-facing infrastructure (web server, mail server, firewalls, etc.)

They are typically performed as a black-box test without further knowledge of the company’s IP addresses. However, it is recommended to whitelist to avoid a block due to the amount of requests.

An external vulnerability scanning covers known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations linked to external/internet-exposed services.

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    Benefits of external scanning

    By performing an external scan, you will acquire the following:

    • An overview of the existing vulnerabilities on the external network.

    • The ability to manage and correct vulnerabilities on web servers, mail servers, firewalls, etc.

    General benefits of using BlackstoneOne:

    • Group and name targets
    • Limited information regarding vulnerabilities to individual employees
    • Receive notifications when changes occur
    • Initiate manual scans
    • Suppress vulnerabilities

    It is thus beneficial to have an overview of vulnerabilities and the option to manage and correct them.

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      Internal Vulnerability Scanning

      Internal vulnerability scanning is directed towards the company’s internal infrastructure (internal servers, switches, routers and other network equipment).