External Vulnerability Scanning.

Get broader coverage of your external systems, and get notified automatically when your security status changes. Easily meet compliance requirements. Automated scans that saves you time.

What is External Vulnerability scanning?

External Vulnerability scans involves simulating attacks on your external-facing systems to identify potential weaknesses that hackers could exploit, similar to an automated penetration test.

By proactively uncovering vulnerabilities through External Vulnerability scanning, you can strengthen your defenses and protect your systems and data. Your external infrastructure includes web servers, customer portals, internet-facing IP’s, websites and landing pages. External Vulnerability scans are performed with knowledge from your IP’s, URL’s and any whitelisting that may prevent blocking.

It’s like having a diligent security guard monitoring your digital boundaries, safeguarding your organization from external risks.

In summary, External Vulnerability scanning is essential for identifying and addressing security weaknesses, preventing cyber attacks, ensuring compliance, maintaining customer trust, reducing business disruptions, understanding your attack surface, supporting risk management, facilitating continuous improvement, enhancing incident response, and protecting your company’s reputation.

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How to scan your external infrastructure with BlackstoneOne

Start scanning

Start scanning within minutes. Add the targets on all of the devices you want to protect in your external systems. Kick off or schedule scans of your external endpoints.

Gain insight

Review vulnerabilities prioritized by risk, threat, and context. We assist you in understanding your vulnerabilities, enabling you to share the identified issues with your team and coworkers within hours.

Verify your fixes

Fix the identified issues and immediately rescan specific issues to check if your adjustments worked. We offer automated scans for continuous security.

The dashboard

We help you find and understand your vulnerabilities.

Scan and secure your external infrastructure inside and out

Get an overview of your vulnerabilities and internet-facing assets today.

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