Vulnerability Management.

Gain insight into vulnerabilities within your systems, networks, and web applications.
Stay informed and proactive with our ongoing scans to safeguard against emerging threats.
Receive customized, intelligent results that cater to your business requirements.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management is the process of identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure. The implementation of Vulnerability Management, along with other security strategies, is crucial for organizations to prioritize potential threats and reduce their “attack surface”.

Security vulnerabilities is the technological weaknesses that allow attackers to compromise products and the sensitive information and data it holds. The process of Vulnerability Management needs to be performed regularly in order to keep up with new systems being added to networks, changes that are made to systems, and the discovery of new vulnerabilities over time.

Gain insight into the vulnerabilities in your systems and software – and fix them before it’s too late.

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Let AI help you manage your vulnerabilities

At BlackstoneOne we have explored how AI assist our clients in their daily operations.

AI takes Vulnerability Management to the next level, helping you understand and manage complex vulnerabilities in an accessible manner.

We’ve incorporated powerful artificial intelligence and generative tools into our platform to help you eliminate repetitive tasks, address vulnerabilities in seconds, and provide a more precise and efficient resolution process.

The AI feature functions as a co-pilot, scanning sources for information and providing optimal descriptions and guidance to address the identified vulnerabilities tailored to the specific IT-environment.

You don’t need to possess deep IT technical security skills. We simplify the complexity of the identified vulnerabilities, allowing solutions and vulnerability descriptions to be communicated to relevant system owners in your organization, while saving both time and resources you can use on other value-creating tasks.


Vulnerability Management Services.

Vulnerability Management platform

Get an overview with the Vulnerability Management Dashboard.

Vulnerability scans by BlackstoneOne uncover known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on internal and external networks, including servers, network devices, printers, web servers, and applications.
The identified vulnerabilities are accessed through the platform, where detailed descriptions of the vulnerabilities is available. This enables a more precise and efficient resolution process.

The dashboard in the platform is straightforward and easy to understand, allowing you to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities.

Why choose BlackstoneOne's Vulnerability Management.

Continuous scans

BlackstoneOne vulnerability scans are conducted regularly as new vulnerabilities emerge on an ongoing basis.

Economically beneficial

In addition to saving resources and time, the platform is undemanding. The simplicity of the platform means that you do not have to recruit, train and retain employees with deep IT technical security skills.

Attention to the essentials

BlackstoneOne scans automatically screen IP’s if they are detected on a URL scan. Therefore, the same vulnerable device does not appear several times.

Reduces cyberthreats

An overview strengthens your IT-security and thereby reduces risks related to vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.


You save both time and resources, which can be spent on other value-creating tasks.

Supports compliance

Supports compliance with requirements, including GDPR and NIS2, with regular vulnerability scans in the organization.

Developed by us

We own, develop and maintain the platform ourselfs, why we offer easy and quick access to our support to ensure security.


With BlackstoneOne, you ensure that each user receives the right information.


We highly value user input and continually evolve based on out costumers’ needs and preferences.

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