A web- and podcast series


Risk profiles, critical systems, cybercrime, and cyber legislation. Navigating all aspects of IT security requires precision. That’s why we at BlackstoneOne have developed Cybertalks, a podcast series that explores every corner of IT security. Cybertalks aims to simplify complex topics, providing you with valuable insights on how to effectively enhance your defenses against the current high level of cybercrime threats. The series covers key subjects such as malware and ransomware, encryption and decryption, hardware security, and IoT security concerns.

Hosted by Mathilde Katrine Bach, Creative Content Developer at BlackstoneOne, Cybertalks addresses the IT challenges that organizations and businesses encounter daily, guiding you through the most significant IT security news in an accessible manner. Featuring experts, analysts, and IT security consultants, the podcast shares their expertise on cybersecurity issues pertinent to businesses, consumers, and public organizations.

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