Web Application Vulnerability Scanning.

The complexity of software development makes web application vulnerabilities a prime target for cyber attacks.
BlackstoneOnes Web Application Scanning detects vulnerabilities in real-time as they are discovered,
to keep you safe and save you time.

What is web application vulnerability scanning?

Web application vulnerability scanning plays a crucial role in identifying critical issues within applications and websites, and undetected vulnerabilities can result in serious consequences. Common vulnerabilities include injection flaws, cross-site scripting, and broken authentication.

An attacker can gain unauthorized access to an application’s database through an SQL injection vulnerability, which can put your data at high risk. An authenticated web application scanning allows you to inspect areas behind logins by supplying credentials.

By BlackstoneOnes automated web application vulnerability scanning, you can continuously find vulnerabilities to keep your systems and data secure.

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How to scan your web apps with BlackstoneOne.

Add your targets

Start scanning your web apps in just a few minutes by adding the IP's or URL's in the BlackstoneOne platform.

Get the results

Review vulnerabilities prioritized by risk, threat and context. We help you understanding your vulnerabilities, so you can send the found vulnerabilities directly to your team and coworkers within hours.

Check your adjustments

Quickly rescan specific issues to check if your adjustments worked. We offer automated scans for continuous security.

The dashboard

Web App security that saves you time.

Scan and secure your web apps inside and out

Get an overview of your vulnerabilities and internet-facing assets today.

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