External Attack Surface Management.

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If you don't know what you have - or what’s exposed and shouldn’t be - how can you protect it?

As organizations evolve, their digital estate becomes larger and more complex, spanning multiple websites, infrastructures and applications, leaving a significant portion unidentified vulnerable assets. BlackstoneOne's External Attack Surface Management provides insight into all of your digital assets, including shadow IT, devices, web pages, and servers, helping you reduce the rick of being attacked by cybercriminals.

Discover all of your assets, add them to the dashboard of your digital infrastructure, and prioritize remediation steps with BlackstoneOnes Vulnerability Management.

What is External Attack Surface Management?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is the process of continuously discovering, monitoring, evaluating, prioritizing and remediating possible entry points within the IT infrastructure of your organization that could be susceptible to an attack.

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Today’s threat landscape is evolving, leaving security teams with blind spots.

The increasing number of cloud providers, software systems, websites, remote devices, and other technologies has made it increasingly difficult for security teams to pinpoint risks and respond effectively. Moreover, as your organization’s attack surface continues to change, it is crucial for your security team to have access to a detailed and context-rich dataset for large-scale security analysis.

Secure your attack surface

Stay in control of your attack surface with continuous visibility

With BlackstoneOne’s External Attack Surface Management, you can continuously discover, manage, and protect your rapidly growing attack surface.

Ensure your entire attack surface is always secure.

Why choose BlackstoneOne's External Attack Surface Management.

Continuous Asset Discovery

Real-time visibility and daily updates to your attack surface.

Discovery Path

Detailed view of each asset, including data into why BlackstoneOne pulled in each asset, ownership, connections, and pivots.

Risk Prioritization

Customize severity level of risks globally, or on a per-asset basis.

Cloud Connectors

Get total visibility into your cloud footprint, so you can identify changes and exposures overtime.

APIs and Integrations

Leverage attack surface data throughout your entire security ecosystem with native integrations and API endpoints.

Supports compliance

Organizations must control their supply chain presence due to new regulations. Therefore, understanding the external attack surface is crucial to prevent not only cyberattacks but also potential fines.

Rapid Response

Understand your overall exposure to zero-day and headline vulnerabilities in minutes, not days or weeks.


Ensure that each user receives the right information of your attack surface.


A time-saving and intuitive platform, that focus on user-friendliness and does not require technical expertise.

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