Phishing Awareness Test

Do you know if your employees click on links, they should be critical towards clicking?

Phishing Awareness Test

A Phishing Awareness Test aims to examine and clarify how aware and alert your employees are of the threats from phishing emails. The test also trains your employees to be more aware. Phishing emails are malicious emails that cyber criminals send to your company in hopes of gaining access to company data and systems or sabotaging and interrupting your workday.


Benefits of a Phishing Awareness Test

  • Training employees based on the company culture.
  • Covering how aware employees are of phishing emails.
  • Fewer system breakdowns and data losses since the likelihood of a ransomware attack is reduced.
  • Report with a short business-minded summary including recommendations for activities that continuously educate and train employees while securing a continued awareness of the threat from phishing emails.
  • The option of having a presentation with an evaluation of the result from the test.


It is very important to know how aware your employees are of this threat to reduce the likelihood of a successful phishing attack. Most companies that test their employees are unfortunately surprised by how many of their employees who click on the links in the phishing emails.

Our prices

  • Our price for a Phishing Awarenss package including 4 training campaigns starts at 8000 EUR.
  • We sent you the individual campaigns each quarter or we bring them, so their delivery suits your wishes.

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