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About BlackstoneOne

With great experience and knowledge within Cyber Risk our talented team has put much effort into further developing the markets most innovative and intuitive solution for scanning and managing vulnerabilities.

Increased digitalization of the society, and thus an inevitable rise in cyber threats, creates a need for greater security with more scans and more efficient vulnerability management than the traditional thinking dictates, where organizations scan 3-4 times a year. BlackstoneOne offers a service that meets this need, and thus allows for your organization to prevent and reduce the probability of compromising cyber attacks.

BlackstoneOne is developed and maintained in Denmark. When we continuously develop our solution, we listen closely to what our customers have to say and what needs they have. The BlackstoneOne team has great experience in servicing both private and public organizations, as well as large and small, always based on the idea of “most value for money”.

Part of One Cyber Group

BlackstoneOne became a part of One Cyber Group on 1 August 2019 and was thus One Cyber Group’s third investment in a Danish Cyber Security company within a year.

To be a part of One Cyber Group means that we are working closely with Institute For Cyber Risk and ComplyTo, which creates great synergy across our business.

BlackstoneOne is at your disposal and we are always open for a non-committal talk about your challenges.


The three companies in One Cyber Group. 


Our philosophy is that only top motivated employees are capable of providing the best service for our customers. Therefore we wish to break with the traditional philosophy of management and create a workspace with an "Employees First, Customers Second"-approach. We focus on eliminating so called pseudo-work and use modern technologies effectively in our daily work. These initiatives make it possible for us to implement a 4-day work week.


We have a mission of creating the cyber workplace of the future, where there is room to provide the best service for our customers, that our motivated and impassioned employees always take care of. We are convinced that with our philosophy and approach to our employees and our business, we are capable of creating a unique workspace, where we can attract and retain the most competent people.