Web application scanning

Directed towards the company's websites

What is web application scanning?

Web application scanning is directed towards the company’s websites. A web application scanning is a deep scan that crawls the website. It makes it possible to conduct a deep scan of the logic within the individual web application.

The scanning is conducted as a black box test which means no further knowledge than the URL. A vulnerability scanning of a website crawls the entire website and covers, in addition to commonly known vulnerabilities also, information regarding if the website is vulnerable to:

  • SQL injection.
  • Code injection.
  • Command injection.
  • Path traversal.
  • File inclusion.
  • XSS – Cross-Site Scripting.
  • Etc.

The most common vulnerabilities BlackstoneOne finds in a web application scanning are:

  • Exposing sensitive data.
  • Defective access controls.
  • Use of vulnerable third-party components.
  • Misconfiguration of web servers.
  • Missing security headers.

When a URL scanning is conducted in BlackstoneOne, a web application scanning of the website and an infrastructure scanning are performed. Thus, you don’t have to worry about conducting both types of scans.

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