Transparent pricing

Avoid paying for inactive IP addresses.

Only pay for the targets you scan

We will go through all of your active IP ranges once a month to ensure that all active IP addresses get registered and scanned for vulnerabilities.

As a customer of BlackstoneOne you will only pay for your active IP addresses.


BlackstoneOne’s standard package contains:

  • Monthly host discovery of agreed IP ranges (Internal/External).
  • Monthly scan of active IP addresses incl. AFP* (Internal/External).
  • Monthly scan of URL (Crawling/Landing page).
  • The option to manually initiate scans to review newly fixed vulnerabilities.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of groups (Tags).
  • Continuously maintenance and further development of BlackstoneOne is included in the subscription.
  • Automated notification of changes in scanned IP addresses and URLs.


What should I pay extra for?

  • Because you only pay for your active IP addresses and URL addresses you will not pay extra for anything.


How much does a BlackstoneOne subscription cost a year?

  • Host discovery is always included as free feature of a BlackstoneOne subscription.
  • External active IP addresses cost as standard € 200 each.
  • Internal scans start at € 3,400 incl. 50 active IP addresses. After this an additionally
    € 1,350 will be applied per 100 active IP address internally.
  • URL scans cost € 700 for a website that needs crawling (more underlying pages).
  • URL scans incl. AFP* (landing page/login) cost € 200.


*AFP (Automatic Frequency Prioritization) automatically increases the frequency of scanning vulnerable IP addresses and websites, based on how vulnerable each target is.


We will fit a subscription to you.

Based on the prices above we will find the most applicable solution for your need.

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