Fully automated vulnerability scanning - 24/7

Just enter IP address or domain name - we take care of the rest


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Nothing to download or install


Cloud-based and fully automated

Nothing to install or maintain
Continuous scanning 24x7x365

Website scans

We scan for complex dynamic website vulnerabilities and data leakages - read more


When security status changes a notification is send. With suggestion for remediation

Crowdsourced remediation

Access to more solutions and recommendations from users

Agile task management

We send remediation tasks to your task system when new vulnerabilities are identified - through API


No hardware to buy or maintain. No consultants. Subscription based

Innovative dashboards

Quick and easy overview. Tells you what you need to know - on smartphones, tablets or PC's 

State of the art user experience

Easy to use so you can focus resources on core business and not on managing security solutions

Most advanced and comprehensive scans

Build on best in class technology

Real time updated vulnerability status

Instant access to remediation instructions

Server scans

We support all major platforms - read more

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Nothing to download or install

About us

BlackstoneOne's intuitive and innovative cyber technology platform makes it possible to prevent and thereby reduce the likelihood of compromising cyber attacks, through monitoring and comprehensive continuous vulnerability scanning 24/7/365.

The platform scans and monitors networks, servers and applications, which also supports several of the requirements in relation to GDPR.

BlackstoneOne's technology platform addresses an outdated thinking that 2-4 annual security scans are sufficient to maintain an appropriate level of security. At a time of rapid development, the future approach to this will be proactive, constant and continuous scanning and monitoring, as well as alerting when new vulnerabilities emerge in applications and infrastructure, so that you quickly get an overview and are able to prioritize the necessary actions.

Try it - Free

Nothing to download or install


BlackstoneOne management team




Jesper Helbrandt


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BlackstoneOne is sold as a 12-month subscription.

Our software is in the cloud and there are no hidden costs for hardware, software, installation or maintenance.

Fully automated and very easy to get started. We only need the name of your domain.  

If you have any questions please send mail to support@blackstoneone.net or call +45 4013 0000.


  • Small

    • 1 website and 2 IP addresses
    109 per month
  • Medium

    • Up to 5 websites and 10 IP addresses
    339 per month
  • Large

    • Up to 10 websites and 20 IP addresses
    539 per month

 All subscriptions have the following features:

  • Fully automated scannings
  • User friendly design, easy to understand and use
  • Access to dashboard from mobile, tablet, pc 
  • All vulnerabilities are documented with suggestions for remediation
  • Scanning of all web applications 
  • Scanning of server and network for >400.000 vulnerabilities
  • On demand scannings
  • Unlimited no. of users
  • Access for your IT-supplier  

If you have more special needs and wishes, please feel free to contact us for an offer - send email to support@blackstoneone.net or contact us on phone: +45 4013 0000. All prices are excl. VAT.



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Phone: + 45 4013 0000


            Nothing to download or install